Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where's your LeBaron, Freddy?

Gord: Now my bus is leaving for Los Angeles, so I'm going to leave...on it.
Daddy: Son, wait.
Gord: What?
Daddy: You're not taking that bus to Los Angeles.
Gord: But you bought me a ticket for this bus to Los Angeles.
Mom: That's not all we bought you. [Daddy jingles a set of keys and points to a car]
Daddy: There, it's yours. Hop in! You're drivin'!
Gord:'s's a LeBaron!
Daddy: Bet your boots it's a LeBaron. Good car. Convertible.
Gord: Jeez, a convertible. It says #1 SON on the license plate. That's me! I'm the #1 son!
Freddy: What about me Mom?
Mom: You're #1 son too.
Freddy: Then how come Gord gets a LeBaron and I don't?
Gord: [shaking the keys] Because they love me more than they love you.
Freddy: No! No they don't!
Gord: Oh yeah? Well, I don't see your LeBaron. Where's your LeBaron, Freddy? I only see one. Are there...are there two LeBarons? I don't see two LeBarons.
Freddy: Knock it off.
Gord: Where's your LeBaron, Freddy? Where's your LeBaron, Freddy? I only see one LeBaron, Freddy. Do you see two LeBarons? I don't see two LeBarons. Are there two LeBarons?
Freddy: Shut up!
Daddy: Gord, this car is more than a gift.It's...kind of an investment in you. It means I believe in my son. [Gord gets in the LeBaron] You be a good man.
Gord: Father, I... I will be a good man.
Daddy: You make your daddy proud. You hear me?
Gord: I'm gonna make you proud, Daddy. I'm gonna make you so proud.
Daddy: Make your daddy proud.
Gord: You're gonna be so proud...Proud
Daddy: Proud.
Gord: Get the fuck out of the way!

The website where I found this photo was dedicated entirely to Celicas (bottom right) found in films. It was wicked random (this pic for instance) and astonishing that they could even pick them out of the crowd. The Celica has appeared in everything from Robocop to Freddy. Now that's versatility.

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