Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sshhh! I'm pretending it's treasure.

Daddy: [turning off the hot water] Hey Gord, the water cold enough for ya? Don't tell me he's so damn stupid, he can't tell the difference between hot and cold. [Jim breaks into the bathroom, flushes the toilet and opens the shower door] Hey, what are you doing in my scuba gear?
Gord: Look, I found a treasure.
Daddy: That's soap-on-a-rope.
Gord: Sshhh! I'm pretending it's treasure.
Daddy: [pulls Gord out of the shower, glass shatters] Get out of my scuba you moron.
Gord: Oh no, the treasure! It went into that underwater cave. [dunks his head into the toilet]
Daddy: Get out of that toilet! [pulls Gord out]
Gord: You saved me from the giant barracuda. But look, I salvaged the treasure. We're rich. We can live like kings. We can live like kings!
Daddy: Forget that fucking soap. Clean this mess up and get your ass out that door looking for a job...you retard. [shaking his head, leaving]

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