Thursday, July 26, 2007

Topping world news tonight...

Topping world news tonight, the creator of a popular TV show...has been captured by villagers in Pakistan. The American State Department has confirmed that Gordon Brody...creator of the animated series Zebras in America...creator of the series Zebras in America...were taken hostage while vacationing in the Thar Desert...while vacationing in the Thar Desert, along the Pakistani-Indian border. At this hour, their conditions are unknown.

The Thar Desert is an inhospitable place. It is host to rampant nuclear testing, warring factions, and little potable water. The desert is vast and mostly uninhabitable, making it the ideal location for criminal activity. The Arbabs, who are known as the 'uncrowned kings' of the Thar Desert, are notorious for their gross violations of human rights. Arbabs have been known to kill people by cutting their stomachs open and dragging them across the hot desert sand until they stop screaming. The region is also known to have several 'opium trails'. Drug runners make the trek across the desert to the ports of Naya Chor and Bombay, where their goods are sold and shipped. More recently, it has become a breeding ground for the Al Queada network. It is one of the few places in the world where survival of fittest, and not the rule of law, still applies. Any peeps willing to walk into this desert had better be willing to kill to survive. There's no 911 out there.

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