Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Betty's a babe!

Marisa graced the cover of Stuff in 2001. In 2002, she ranked #34 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (the top 33 are still at USC no doubt). In her interview with them, she says, “I was so aggressive in the audition for Freddy Got Fingered that I was ripping Tom’s clothes off. I went further than any of the other girls who tried out.” Ah, the Trojan ladies...

Best Betty Quotes
Gord: They're jewels, Betty. They're jewels. I got them all for you.
Betty: But Gord, I don't care about the jewels. I just wanna suck your cock.
Gord: Do ya? Do you really mean that Betty?
Betty: Yes Gord. Even if you were poor, I'd still just wanna stay at home...and suck your cock.
Daddy: Wait a minute... You're crippled.
Betty: What?
Gord: Come on dad...
Betty: You got a problem with my legs?
Daddy: No, you got a problem with your legs. It's either that, or you're just lazy.
Daddy: You want me to give you a spanking in front of this retard slut whore?
Betty: I'M NOT RETARDED! [Note that she doesn't refute the 'slut whore' part of the comment]
[Gord and Betty flirt. Betty laughs while flipping creamers]
Gord: Are hospitals always this much fun?
Betty: [sombers, stops laughing] No, sometimes people die from cancer here.


tim? said...

She's totally a babe, also as a desk jockey cop in Super Troopers. I don't mind Freddy where she's a "retard slutwhore"...."I'm not retarded. You got a problem with my legs?" "Nah you got a problem with your legs. Either that or you're damn lazy!"

Steve said...

Damn, I say DAMN. Thank you Stuff.

Also, yeah. She's equally hilarious in Super Troopers. "Drop the phone and grab your toes... I'm gonna show ya where the wild goose goes!" She needs to be in more comedies, dammit.